Your Credentials Please

Hello All, I have been posting on here for a few years now…I see a lot of posts and answers… I see some really silly recommendations and questions…but for the most part I see quite a few very sharp people on here helping people. I was a little surprised yet pleased to see this. I was wondering what credentials you guys have…some of us are professional mechanics while others are wannabes…and others just have a long history of fixing cars as a hobby. I sort of fit in between a Pro and a Very High Level Hobbyist / Hot Rodder type.

I have been fixing and creating all things mechanical since I could hold a wrench and do damage, er repairs lol. I focused mostly on engines form the start and did my first 350 Chev engine rebuild at 14yrs old entirely alone and from the ground up…its still running today…LOL. I am now 39 and have almost 25yrs wrenching now. I specialize in all vehicles but it seems that its mostly foreign vehicles of late and can repair and troubleshoot everything but complex transmission issues. Aside from doing clutches and seals, I don’t get too deep into transmissions…I will leave that to the transmission specialists, I have quite enough on my “Mechanical Plate” as it were. I am currently licensed as an inspection mechanic in PA…something I went out and did on my own, for kicks. I have owned and operated my own little shop for about 10yrs and work on basically anything that needs fixing or fabricating. Again my strong suit by far is engines and I’m far more than adequate on all the rest of the car. In the 90’s I was a professional ICE installer (In Car Entertainment) , this included complex remote starts, alarms and huge sound systems. SO I am pretty well rounded when it comes to automobiles, motorcycles also…a hobby of mine since the age of 8yrs old.

So which is it? Credentials Please…:slight_smile:

In addition to my Car/Motorcycle/Engine Rebuilding hobby. I have been a Field Engineer installing, maintaining and integrating Laser Guided Robotic Data Storage Silos for the past 12 or so years. That’s the “day job” I guess.

I’m the guy from the Old Spice commercials.

Yep. That’s me.

(edit for seriousness)

Been working on cars pretty much since I got a drivers license. It’s cheaper, and no one cares about your car as much as you do. I’ve mainly worked on Honda/Toyota. I’ve done everything from repair to performance modifications to audio install.

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Me, 5 years as a Service Advisor at a dealership, not very long but hey i’m only 24.

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I have a BS in B.S. :wink:

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Former avioncs technician (B-52s and KC-135s, also trained in F-4s, F102s,F100s, F105s, F106s, and celestial navigation systems), former engineer (23 years), and an enquiring mind fascinated by what makes things tick. And, of course, 40+ years of working on my own and on friends’ cars. And I’m an obcessive-compulsive reader.

I’m the token white guy.

I thought I was.

You do have the better argument for it Whitey. I figure ken would be the token green guy.

Not an expert by any means, but I’ve been wrenching for 7-8 years on my own car and friends out of necessity and as a hobby. I’m also a mechanical engineering student and have been a certified welder and fabricator for almost 9 years. If i don’t know the answer I’ll try and find/figure it out, usually with good success.

I want to start a project installing a ford 302 motor rebuild into a stroker with cid of 331 in a 1st gen miata. who knows when I’ll get around to that though, but you can bet I’ll be here asking some questions.

You are right there are some really sharp people on this forum and I’m grateful for their help.

I don’t know that I’d call it a hobby, but I’m so cheap that I fix anything I have the tools for. I do brakes, I do fluids; I don’t do timing belts. BTW, I’m going to need a new timing belt (and water pump, of course) in the next year. Do you have any pointers for finding the right shop? I’m going to talk to everyone I know with a Honda (mine’s a 2005 Accord V6),and even friends with a history at a single garage. Then I’ll talk to a few garages to see if they have done this work before, and how much they charge. If you can help me do a better job, I would appreciate it.

OK, the green guy.
Still in the minority 'round these parts.
Four corners, native reservations, Gallup NM.
You thought the USA was a melting pot, just look around out here. This is the prime example.
The mayoral election on tuesday has 4 white long term residents, 3 Navajos, 2 Mexican/hispanic, and one Indian ( middle east India, born in england no less )
Yah, we’re mixed up and like it that way. so many transplants, like me, wonder at first, then realize and choose to stay in this great community.

That’s why I’ve been a parts guy at this Ford dealer for thirty years, on the shop counter. Before that a wrecking yard and the Dodge/AMC.International dealer.
I fix all the small stuff, from toys and vacuums at home to radios and tools at work. I keep the mini tools at the parts counter and the shop techs bring me their small , close up and fragile work.

I’ve been taking things apart since I could hold a tool made of metal (wink, wink).

Electronics has been my vocation for 37 years, currently a lab manager for a university Electrical Engineering program

I’m a hobbyist but have been fixing my own cars and mechanical devices for 45 years. I’m not anti-pro and appreciate opinions from experience and training, but I’ve been taken down the prim rose path enough to be skeptical.

You are, thats why we named you Whitey.


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Professional tech. GM dealership transmission tech for a while now I own and operate my own transmission shop. Going on 28 years on the bench building automatics.