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You Do It - We Do It

I would like to hear the history about the u do it we do it garage. How it worked. Did the guys provide tools and help or just let them use the garage? Thanks again for all the great times. Jerrod

I would suggest you check out any of the books the brothers put out to answer your questions, but basically it failed…they ended up doing most of the work for the customers anyway that they decided to open a regular shop instead. (also Ray doesn’t post here that we know of)

I don’t know anything about the brother’s diy’er shop, but I used a diy’er shop like that before. It was actually a local high school’s auto shop, where they taught the students auto repair skills during the day, but opened at night for diy’ers to use. The high school supplied two mechanics who offered advice and tried to get you out of sticky situations when that happened. Otherwise you did all the work. They had all the hardware auto repair shops have, lifts, tire changing machines, ignition analyzer, brake pressure bleeder, etc. All the hand tools were supplied as I recall. There was a sort of tool library and tool librarian, you’d check out the tools you needed, and return them at the end of the session. If you didn’t return a tool you paid them full price for it, plus a fine. It was somewhat inefficient way to repair your car, b/c you were always waiting on somebody’s instruction or some tool to become available. The main advantage was there were two actual experienced mechanics there so you could learn a lot from them if you paid attention.