Is there a place around Boston where you can rent a space to work on your car?

Are there any spaces to rent or share for those of us mechanically inclined, but lacking sufficient space to store their tools, and work on their vehicles?

Haven’t you ever read/seen Christine?

Sorry, I don’t have any useful advice.

I think the economics of this type of operation, especially insurance costs, put these places out of business years ago.

Doesn’t Pep Boys or someplace do this? Or should I change that to “used to do that”?

Tom and Ray’s garage actually started out as one of these, but they switched to a conventional arrangement after they realized that they ended up doing most of the work themselves anyways.

The do-it-yourself garage was definitely a victim of a litigious society. Every now and again you’ll hear about a non-profit that will have something like this for low-income folks, but there’s the same legal issues and plus a lot of the philanthropic groups are getting more anti-car these days.

There used to be an operation like that near here many years ago but failed after about 6 months. Too much hassle.
Too much litigation, too much borrowing tools, too much running into snags, looking for someone to step in and do the work, and it was often not cost effective for the customer based on the following.

Cars being what they are and Murphy’s Law being what it is, a customer would rent the stall for a couple of hours, run into snags with the wrong part, something won’t come apart or breaks, etc, etc. and the customer ends up paying for an entire day of stall use or even having to leave the car overnight. Many discovered that it was simply cheaper to take it to a shop and let them do it.