You Best Freebie Car?

I expect many of you mechanically-inclined folks are offered cars for free or nearly free from time to time b/c the presumed cost to repair them, based on the going hourly shop rate, is too expensive. However you can do it economically b/c there’s no labor free when you do the work yourself. Only the parts cost. So over the years, what has been your best freebie car? Any BMW’s, Mercedes, Porsches, Bentleys?

Personally, I’ve never received a freebie car. My freebies are more modest, a freebie lawnmower, bicycle, etc

I have never received a free carmm but I never worked as a mechanic unless you want to count doing tune ups, and patching tires in a gas station as a teenager in the 50s. I did buy a car for $20.

It was not exactly a Bently, it was a 9 year old Plymouth flathead six 4 door. I had to dig down through an 7’ drift where it had been left the previous fall alongside a business, They just did not get it to the junkyard before winter closed in.

If you opened the doors you could swing the doorposts outward from the bottom because rust hat taken away the rocker panels and sides of the floor but it ran good and served us well until the next winter when I wanted something that would keep the heat inside.

I called it my gull wing Plymouth…in.

Sometimes, the free stuff ends up being the most expensive!

Best deal on a car was from an ex-girlfriend that was buying a new car and she sold me her trade-in for what they offered- $900 for a GrandAm in around 1995. Drove that thing for many years with zero repairs… got rid of it around 280k miles still on the original clutch…

Best free car I ever got is a 1993 Plymouth Sundance, which was given to me by a customer that I have done a lot of work for. It wasn’t completely free, because I paid the cost for him to file for an abandoned title, so I could have a valid title to register and drive the car. The car was left behind by a former tenant, who ruined the motor, and resulted in a knock on one cylinder.

I drove the car into my carport, took it apart, got all the new parts, but never had time to put it back together. I am hoping to find the time this year, because I really want to drive this car. The Sundance and Shadow were a great car, with unique styling and a very comfortable interior, and now there aren’t many left.

Back in about 1969, I was given a Buick Special with a burned valve. It looked pretty clean and fixing the burned valve was cheap because we caught it before the seat got damaged.

I did not need another car so I used it as a loaner when a friend or relative needed a car. I don’t remember ever driving it.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember what happened to that car.

Then was the 1963 Chevy convertible, 327 4bbl, three on the column, that I got for the $45 that it cost to get it out of the impound yard in 1971. It got towed because my roommate parked on the street in need of a throwout bearing and exhaust system.

I gave it away after I fixed it. Looking back, that would have been a good car to park in a barn somewhere.

Fun stories. I remember what happened to all of my cars, but I can’t remember whatever happened to my teenage-years motorcycle. Which would bring a fair penny these days. Yeah, the 63 Chevy convertible would have likely have also been worth a pretty penny these days. But the top would probably have to have been replaced several times by now, so even if you had the storage space, keeping it wouldn’t have been expense free either.

All I ever got was a lousy chainsaw. And it wasn’t “lousy” in it’s nature. It was a Stihl. But it was completely disassembled in a box. And I still don’t have it running right - pretty sure b/c it came with some new, but aftermarket rubber parts. Pretty sure the new, but knock-off intake boot is no good. But it’s also a total PITA to replace. I’ll get around to it.

Do you ever watch that tv show from Las Vegas about classic car restoration? Counting Cars. One episode involved restoring a chain saw. I don’t think they ever got it running correctly … lol … But the owner’s objective seemed to be to just get it looking nice, less concerned about it working. All’s well that ends well. :wink:

I’ve watched it on occasion. I’ll have to go look up the chainsaw episode. Of course, I want mine to run well and don’t care how it looks…

Of interest, is that my daughter used to work here:

She was front office staff, but did spend a lot of time tracking down parts and the like. And “hob nobbed” with some manner of VIPs - IIRC, one was Elton John’s manager looking for an old Jag.

Unfortunately, she left that job before I got a chance to visit the shop, though I’d imagine she can still get me in for a tour next time I’m out there.

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Shrugging myself. I checked the link after I posted and it worked and it still works for me. IDK. Try again? It’s a place in SoCal (near San Diego) that specializes in classic car/motorcycle (or anything, I guess) restoration - but mostly old classic Jags. They regularly do the big money auctions you can find on TV.

If you are interested web search for “Classic Showcase” 4672 Lofty Grove Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056. It is worth a look. They do amazing sh** with very cool old cars and bikes.

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Yeah it is working for me now… :man_facepalming:
Got to love the internet sometimes… :upside_down_face:

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Here you go-

:grinning: I have a box full of those :wink: