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Ya'all take care down there in N. Carolina with the snow

Yeah we had about 8 inches last week in Minnesota but we have big plows, sanding trucks, and snow blowers. So take it easy on the roads down there.

I thought this picture was great though. It reminded me of the kind of scenes painted by Terry Redlin, a midwest artist, dead now, who always did outdoor scenes. Suitable for framing I think with permission.

Several years ago, my next-door neighbor invented an advanced-design ergonomic snow shovel.
I emailed the details of that device to someone with whom I attended undergraduate school, and his response, was, “I don’t need it because we get very little snow at the Jersey Shore”.
Unfortunately for him, as a result of Global Climate Change, the Jersey Shore has gotten significantly more snow over the past few years than we have gotten in the upland Somerset Hills of NJ.

Live and learn, as the old saying instructs us…

Years ago my folks were in a motel in southern Missouri and it happened to snow over-night. Being the kind soul he was, and having a snow shovel in the trunk, my dad shoveled the walk of the motel. The owner was amazed at a “snow shovel” and had never seen one before. I guess climate change was a problem 30 years ago (or maybe 40 years ago) too but then it was global cooling causing all the snow down south.

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Global warming increases snow. The key ingredient in snow is water, not cold. The warmer the atmosphere, the more water evaporates into it, the more snow.

That is correct, but it will be rejected by the folks who do not believe in science, and instead depend on their “gut”.

These changing patterns though are nothing new.

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I feel for those folks up north (Carolinas). When it snows they can’t/don’t know how to handle it. I have a nephew there.

Here, not much snow.:wink: Temperature stayed at 70F last night and I started my bicycle ride at 6:30 and then hit the pool. It’s totally light out by 7:00. Our temps have been going up and down a bit, but not anything near snow temps, ha, ha. We had 76F, little wind, total sun yesterday and the beach at the ocean wasn’t crowded at all, but our golf course was busy.

Several weeks ago when I was still at northern latitudes I tried to rake leaves between snow squalls, froze my toes twice and got the heck out of there. I literally (physically) can’t do cold. I guess once you freeze some flesh it becomes less tolerant to cold. Besides, I hate putting on boots, coats, gloves, and hats just to go outside. Here I live in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

I need snow (and road salt) like I need tap-dance lessons.

Heh heh heh. I’ll be down there in February. Hope no hurricanes, but what the hey is going on with the rental car rates? Even with the Legion discount it’s $3-700 a week. Must be a lot of snow birds this year.

I don’t know. I haven’t rented one in a couple of years, When I did I got fantastic deals from a fairly local Enterprise lot, late model cars, unlimited miles, usually had to give me a free upgrade because they’d be out of size I reserved.

The lot was in a small town nearby and not at an airport. Rates at airports were much higher. If you haven’t checked, check off-airport Enterprise lots. The one I used even had room to park my car for 10 days or so.

Bing, where are you headed?

Hurricane season is ended so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. A thunderstorm generated an EF-1 tornado in New Port Richey, up north and did a little damage today, but no hurricanes.

Heading to Disney with the BIL and SIL so almost gotta get an airport car or on campus. The wife wants to head to the beach for a few days too, maybe Sanibel or something. Up to her. Been down there when it was 60 though so hope it stays 70. Either way it’s 20 here. No snow there right? :grin:

In order to compete with convenient (higher rates) on-airport rental agencies, some off-airport (lower rates) rental (but nearby) locations will send somebody to you at airports. That Enterprise I referenced earlier does that… just a thought if it helps while you’re checking.

We talked to folks on Saturday at the beach. They drove from Orlando to the beach on Anna Maria Island, right near our location.

About how long are you staying in Orlando?

I’d go with the $3/week😀

Saturday in Palm Bay


Nice! You’re on the opposite side of the state from my location, just about straight across. Saturday was a beautiful day. That’s for sure.

Agree with @common_sense_answer… Saturday was really nice, just a few miles down the west coast a bit.

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Hey, Mustangman!

My daughter’s flying in Saturday for a break from college. We might go a short distance to a bit south of Sarasota to ride the Legacy Trail on our bicycles.

I know you’re south of me (West Bradenton), but I can’t recall where. Just curious, which city are you near?

Back to the topic:
I’m 618 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina and haven’t seen any snow, ever. :wink: How about you Mustangman?

Fort Myers