From the Washington Area, Happy Snow Shoveling!

Now its time to see if the old Homelite Jacobson Snow blower will fire up!

If it doesn’t you can blame it on ethanol.
Sorry, the devil made me say it.

If you have difficulty, you can take heart in knowing thet they had to dig out of a rare blizzard yesterday at the global warming (climate change) summit in Copenhagen. Do you suppose it was the almighty sending them a message?

Happy shoveling.

Our thoughts and prays go out to you. Here we get heavy snow routinely, but many have their own generators, snow blowers, snow tires, 4 wds, plows,back up heat and most importantly, experience. Enough so that we can help our neighbors who don’t. We know what it would be like without. Hopefully, emergency facilities are up to offering the help many of you will need, and personal problems are kept to a minimum.
Take care.

We’ve got more than a foot and it’s about half way through. I think the 20" prediction is most accurate around here. I shoveled half the driveway and one sidewalk already. Once. I’m sure I’ll do it again tomorrow.

BTW, the Bears never left Chicago last night. The Ravens could win by forfeit!

In all seriousness, if you do have a problem you can try squiting a blast of starter fluid into the intake. I’ve done this in the past with small engines that were ornery.

My feelings are truely with you, and all the rest of us that will be facing this storm. Fortunately, I have a fresh bottle of nitro pills!

God bless.

She Fired up without a problem. That old two stroke paddle snow blower works great. The serpentine belt is getting a little rough though. I hope it last!


Have a great weekend.

I think it must be snowing like 4" a hour right now. Easily over a foot of snow now.

I am fully prepared.

Yesterday, I mounted my Michelin X-Ice tires.
After mounting the tires, I got a fresh bottle of Johnny Walker Black plus three DVDs in case my satellite TV service goes out.

Yup. Fully prepared.

We’ve got about 2 feet and it’s still coming. The forecast is up to 30" and I think we’ll hit it here. We’ve already past the minimum 20". Now, if I could just fine the newspaper under all that snow…

I did Stock up on Beer Friday : )

I think where too far north to see much. Thank you Al Gore.

Today you’re glad you remembered to add Stabil to your snow blower gas back in february when you put it in the shed.

I hope this post reminds us all to keep our seasonal and emergency equipment at the ready with proper fuel system care and feeding.

Good point…let me add it’s a good idea to put fuel stabilizer in “every” gas/diesel can you fill at the pump that doesn’t go in a daily use vehicle. You want to be running it through your fuel systems even now when needed, as you never know when that last generator, outboard and yes, snow blower is going to be used, a year prior to that next emergency. It’s good to “test drive” everything regularly before it’s actually needed.
Safe starting to all.

Report from downtown DC:

I shoveled the front walk and a path to the wood pile out back a couple of times so far.
I’ve got a pot of split pea soup simmering on the woodstove and plenty of Appleton Rum.
I’m set.


There’s not a cloud in the sky, but there’s still at least 2 feet of snow. And rumor has it the Bears flew in late last night. They left O’Hare around 9PM; they should have landed at BWI around midnight. Maybe they will be worn out after such a late night. Every little bit helps.