Perfect vehicle for snow country

For those of us who have been shoveling more snow than average this winter…

I laughed myself silly but I’d love one of these! :slight_smile:

…still reading, still learning…and at times simply enjoying the conversation

that’s too cool! I can just see myself, siting behind the open glass front door, “working” away in warm comfort?

Thanks for posting that!

I could have used one the other night when I was outside in 7 degree weather shoveling snow at 11:30 p.m. rather than having to get up early the next morning to shovel at 5 a.m. in subzero temps with major wind chill from predicted high winds. Shoveling in calm air is not as cold, thank you very much. But, it was beautiful outside and the local great horned owl flew in and perched in a nearby tree to supervise my work. Made it all very worthwhile and actually rather fun…to a point. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a great little machine and a good driver too. No chains though.

Oh, I can just see some do-it-yourself-ers busy crafting little miniature snow chains for the tires.

Saw a story on similar remote rig. But it was bigger. More like a battlebot with plow. Had big car lead acid batteries, and so on. Bout 300-400 lbs. probably $3-5k range. Think it was built by toro tech dept in mpls

We’re due for twelve inches tomorrow. So, I can see sending it out once every hour. Just like automated mowers, these things could be just around the corner… Yehhh.

Sure would be easier than shoveling by hand or struggling with a heavy snow-blower. I have visions of little robot snow plows all up and down the street.

What a riot! It could even clear a spot for my Amazon package to land!
Finally, a world where I’ll never have to leave the house again. :slight_smile:

There is no perfect vehicle for winter. The secret in snow country is two good friends with nothing better to do.

Darrell, are those your brothers Darrell and Darrell in the back?

I don’t know about the perfect vehicle for snow country, but I think I found the perfect shoes.