XM radio display issues in Toyota factory radios

Does anyone know how to change the font on these displays so title and artist can be read without having to guess? Or, in the alternative, is there a way to make that information scroll across the screen?

Is there a button marked Text? Press it.

Try pushing the tuner knob. I think it will then show the second half of the title/artist.

is there anything listed in your owner’s manual about this? I’m sure it should be in there.

I do…same problem. Large text, and no way to scroll through it.

I’ve checked and no, there’s nothing because the XM tuner unit is an add-on. While it’s made to function with the radio, it has no information of its own.

That’s one I haven’t tried or heard of…I’ll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Go back to the dealer and tell them you need the XM Manual they forgot to include with the XM unit. It sometimes happens with add on items.

Good idea…my dealer is still in business, so I’ll give that a try. Thanks much!