Sound System - Is it AM?

I have a 2017 Outlander and have been trying to figure out what kind of radio I have for a month. All I can get out of the settings is a serial number. Is there somewhere I can look that up? Or any other advice?

Owners Manual?

No… It doesn’t look or behave like that one. I’m pretty sure it’s a down graded version of the OEM.

To me, that sounds like a satellite radio (Sirius/XM) that has not yet been initialized.
If the vehicle… somehow… did not come with an Owner’s Manual that might explain how to operate/initialize the radio, the best source of information would be the service department at a Mitsubishi dealership.
Have you gone to a dealership for assistance with your warrantied vehicle?

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You are a master of wit. Much like you, radios are in a category of their own.

Thanks. I called them and they told me they couldn’t help me. I’ll try again and if I still can’t get anywhere I’ll take it to the dealership a couple of towns over.

Perhaps, but…
Have you delved-into the information in your Owner’s Manual?
Have you sought help from the people at the Mitsu dealer’s service department?
Surely, the local Mitsu dealer’s staff would be more intimately familiar with the workings of your vehicle than a broad cross-section of gear heads who frequent this site would be.

The owner’s manual or the sales brochure for the vehicle.

Audio stuff is getting downright complicated. I went looking with a friend for a home audio system yesterday that would bring in AM and FM as well as play CDs, and everything (according to the boxes) will do “Bluetooth”, internet, and a whole bunch of other stuff I’ve never heard of… but nothing would receive AM. I suspect your car’s audio system is similar. It’ll probably interface with your “personal device” or Smart Phone too. Just like your doorbell.

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But, those of us who don’t work for Mitsubishi–or own one of those very scarce vehicles–will know much less regarding this issue than the people at the Mitsu dealership would.

If you have the ES trim it looks like it comes with am/fm and bluetooth but no Apple carplay or android auto, the same touchscreen that displays the backup camera.

The SE trim and higher come with SIrius/XM for 3 months, along with the Apple Carplay/Android capability.

At least this is what Mitsubishi offers for the 2018 Model.

  1. Yes, I’ve read both the owners manual and the separate av manual.
  2. I called the dealership and was told they couldn’t help.
  3. I’ve scoured the internet, including the Mitsu site.
  4. I’ve YouTube’d the heck out of this issue.

I’m not sure why you responded if you didn’t have anything helpful to say.

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I agree with the flags here. It wasn’t necessary to say that her username didn’t live up to her electronic expertise. And to suggest reading the manual once, OK, but to repeatedly tell a new member not to bother asking here and assume she took no steps of her own isnt very welcoming. It’s fine not to know the answer.


Solved - This is exactly what I needed.

Thank you.

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I can help you with all of that! :grinning:

LOL, I must be getting old. I stopped understanding the post as soon as I got past the “am/fm”. I live in the past, but I like it here! :rofl:

Not that I can add anything but now I’m curious as to what was solved and how? I would have been at a complete loss if the sales folks wouldn’t have activated the radios in both the Acura and Pontiac. They did it while I sat there and made sure it all worked. That’s what they are supposed to do.

In fact my wife got a new cell phone and needed to have it synced or whatever. She stopped at the Acura dealer we had used for two cars but not this one. The sales folks took care of it, no charge. I asked if she gave them a tip and cringed when she said no. That’s part of what you pay for though.

Bing, I also wonder what was solved. I just can’t see how this can be such a big problem and why would someone go a month without finding out what they needed to know about the sound system. I would really like to hear the dealers side and if they did refuse to offer any help then corporate needs to know this.

I just upgraded my garage to voice control, so that when I forget to turn the air compressor off like I always do, and then remember it when I’m 50 miles away from home like I always do, I can just tell Google to turn it off for me, and oh, turn off the shop lights while it’s in there 'cause I forgot that too.

I like the future! :wink: