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Xjr supercharger

I noticed a low “squawk”, at idle only, coming from the supercharger area in my 2000 jaguar xjr (40,000 original miles-mint). You can only hear this with the hood open and it goes away with an increase in rpm’s. I’m 300 miles from a dealer and don’t have a service manual. How serious? Did I miss a scheduled service? Thanks.

Sounds like a possible stretched/loose/worn belt. I can’t iamgine a supercharger running off the serpentine belt, but if it is the tensioner should be suspect also.

The belt drive is in the front but the sound is coming from the supercharger housing directly on top of the engine.

If you are sure it’s not the belt then a bad supercharger bearing is a good bet.

Note, there is a TSB (Technical Service Bulleting) out for the XJR supercharger belt, pulley and tensioner. I don’t have that TSB but it instructs the replacement of all 3 components, I believe the original pulley misaligns the belt.

If your car missed the TSB it’s possible this has caused advanced supercharger bearing wear. I’d suggest calling your dealer to obtain the TSB details first and check that your car has been updated accordingly.

I would however check the belt tension and maybe use some belt dresser on the supercharger belt first to make sure this isn’t the problem.

Will do, thanks.