Squeeking belts



I moved from Colorado to Oregon with a 1996 jeep cherokee sport with 185k miles and in very good running condition until now. I replaced the belt because it was worn and started squeeking when the heater was turned on. Now it still squeeks when I turn on the heater with the new belt.

What is your opinion?

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Tighten it more. You don’t have a sprung tensioner, you have a fixed one. They can seem to require excessive tightening. My wife’s Wrangler has me worried about the water pump bearings it take so much tightening to silence the belt.

I have to think that you’re really saying Defroster and not heater. The heater by itself shouldn’t add any load except what the blower adds in alternator drag. That AC compressor clutch will surely result in a squeal if that belt isn’t tight enough.


Thank you very much those are the exact symptoms and the solution makes sense.


I just ran through this with a Jeep Wrangler 4 cyl, the groves on the pulley were dirty and a new belt squeaked. Had to clean out the pulleys and put steel wool to the idlers. Once everything was clean the noise stopped. Make sure it is tight.