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Wrangler zipper problem

I have an '09 Wrangler which I am really enjoying except for the rear window (and the gas milage but there is nothing I can do about that), specificlly the zipper. After replacing the window recently the teeth are misaligned in two places and now I cannot take it off again. Any tips on how to fix??

Some jeep forums say take it to the dealer 'cause it is under warranty. The dealer says it has nothing to do with manufacturing since I have successfully taken the window off before.?

I have tried silcon spray and WD40. I have tried wiggling.i even called a marina and they had no good suggestions. They thought I was a nutcase. Any suggestions? Brute force? If I break off the zipper where can I get it replaced?


Take your Jeep to a good upholstery shop. They work on zippers all the time. Most dealerships would just scratch their heads with such a problem…well, almost any problem come to think of it.

You should be able to apply intelligent force to resolve your issue. What do you think the zipper does to separate them? Now it does channel the teeth in a mandrel like setup, but it essentially forces the teeth to interlock. Ice pick might fit in well enough to leverage the misaligned section. Once enough is separated, you should be able to pull it apart and start over.