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Seeking a Durable 91 Jeep Wrangler Replacement Soft Top

Hey everyone! Long time listener and fan, first time poster. Not too long ago I bought a soft top for my Jeep and I have been unhappy with it. The zippers are fragile and break and it has began to rip at the seams. I am looking for a more heavy duty soft top (thicker zippers, better seams) that can be used year-round in Southern California.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

No harm asking here, but you’ll probably have better luck on a Jeep specific forum.

+1 to George’s post.
A shops that does interiors might also provide good direction.

I have purchased Jeep parts from, I think that was from a catalog before I had a computer. They offer soft tops from six different suppliers including Bestop and Smittybilt.

An upholsterer will know where to get the tops.

My son has a 98 Wrangler and we have put 2 Best Top -soft tops on. Good price and decent enough life. The zippers hold up, the fabric start to tear at the front corners where they are stretched on the frame

There are a number of after market supply houses that have complete units for sale. You can buy almost anything for a Jeep from them. I had such a catalogue from J.C. Whitney, but I forget where I put it. Any classic car magazine will no doubt have ads from a number of others.

A custom upholstery shop will do a good job but it will likely cost more.

This is another case where a simple google search would turn up many sources for jeep tops and prices why not do it.