Toe Link issues

I Just bought my Jeep from a dealership 3 months ago. I have put about 6500 miles on it. I took it back to the dealership because they still needed to fix a leak in the sunroof, from when I bought it. During their inspection they said that they noticed that the left rear toe link was completely separated from the bonding. I asked if this was something that was suppose to be checked when they did the inspection. Is this something that could really go that bad in 3 months?

I have no idea what the bonding is.

The toe link positions the left wheel hub fore and aft. If the tire/wheel had a abrupt hit either of the bushings can become unbonded from either the center or the housing. Thus, it could go bad in 3 months. The front piece has cutouts that allow the forward end of the link to flex more with force. If that rubber is loose from either the center bore or the housing held in the body attachment, it would allow the left wheel to move too much fore and aft. This could possilby cause bump steer, shimmy, and/or swaying.

Hope this helps.

I assume you bought your Jeep used or you wouldn;t be asking…they’d be repairing it under warranty. Is my assumption correct, or is there more to the story?

yeah i bought it used. When I was looking at the jeep they had told me that everything was checked and passed inspection. They told me that there was no work that was needed on it. They allowed my wife ( the first name on the contract) to bring the paperwork home to me to sign. That night I was called by the dealer saying that they noticed an outstanding work order for the sunroof, that was suppose to be fixed before they sold it. They did not rework the paperwork, instead just updated the form that states they owe me the work. I missed my first appointment to get it fixed, but when I finally took it back they said they found the issues with the toe links. They needed to replace them, align the Jeep and put new tires on it. They claimed that there was no way that this would have been notice when they looked at it the first time. Just trying to see if I have a leg to stand on here. I have service record that show that it was waiting for the sunroof to be fixed. They took it from the service shop and sold it before the mechanics looked at the issues. The Jeep service folks said that they never looked at the Jeep, and that only the Subaru service department looked at it.