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Why has my radio changed it buttons?

My 2011 Rav4 has changed the function of the radio buttons – although not consistently. When the unit is off, turning it ON will cause the CD player to eject a CD. The display goes to nonsense characters. Others buttons are equally erratic.

This morning, the unit was OFF. i pressed station preset #1, it immediately ejected a CD. No buttons would work to regain control except OFF (sometimes).

Has anyone else has this problem?

Andy Ferguson

Sounds like you are in the market for a new Automotive Entertainment System…(You need a new radio)

…and if the 3 year/36k mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty is still in effect, this should be covered by warranty.

The head unit in my wife’s 06 Sienna failed in the first week. It was replaced under warranty.

Ed B.

If you replace it yourself, I strongly recommend getting an adapter plug. It’ll adapt your new head unit to plug directly into your original equipment wiring harness. Butchering it in is a serious no-no.