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Speaking of knowing how to drive - tonight there was a documentary about Ronald Reagan’s ranch.
The narrator was interviewing the fellow who used to ride horseback on the ranch with Reagan. He told of the time that he and Reagan and a couple of secret service guys on horseback got a bit far afield, so they needed to call the other secret service guys and ask them to bring the President’s jeep closer so they would not be too far from all the paraphernalia that is supposed to travel everywhere with the President. Some time passed, and no jeep appeared. It turned out that none of the secret service guys back at the house knew how to drive a stick shift.
I find that hard to believe, but this guy sure had no reason to make it up.

Well I am going to be the contrarian on this thread. Anything above 300 hp in a sports car, 250 hp in a standard-duty pickup or cargo van, or 200 hp in a sedan is wasteful and unnecessary. No one needs a car that can go from 0 to 60 in a few seconds, when a slightly less powerful engine might deliver twice the fuel economy and half the emissions. Also, people are so distracted nowadays, and a less powerful car is more forgiving if sudden braking/evasive maneuvers are needed to avoid a collision.

The truth of the matter is that we would all be much better off if everyone who does not require higher payload/towing capability/passenger capacity would drive a compact car with a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine. Even by the mid-2000’s, an economy car offered about 150 hp, more than sufficient for most peoples’ needs. If people naturally gravitated toward driving fuel-efficient compact cars, then we wouldn’t need the current government overreach and attempts to ban new gasoline/diesel powered vehicles in the future.

Not contrarian , just delusional. One size does not fit all families .


From the standpoint of pure logic and the assumption that all driving is done solely for transportation, you might be right. However, from the standpoint of a diverse and creative culture of humans who can come up with hundreds of reasons why they operate cars and trucks, you are shouting into a very powerful headwind. And, like most shouters, you will be ignored. Sorry.

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Just my thoughts… I do not think the govt. should be able to tell us what we can drive or get rid of all ICE vehicles. we are the land of the free, not china
I am all for protecting the environment What about the people who drive an economy car all week and have a sports car, muscle car, old school hot rod or antique vehicle that they drive on the weekend. or take to car shows, cruise nights or scenic drives? should they have to give them up?
Hey, let’s tell the pres. that he has to give up his beloved Corvette because it is bad for the environment Let’s see how well that goes over. :wink: :rofl:

I heard that same story years ago. I expect it actually happened. SS guys experience, doesn’t make for a good ranch-hand. One of the problems when a society relies on advanced technology, will always need someone who knows how to make it work.

Promotion for the SS guy who could ride a horse with RR.

As a first-time experience, for me anyway, it was easier to ride a horse than work a clutch.

The irony: one of the Obama/Biden election promises was to raise the EPA fuel economy standards to an eventual goal of 54.5 mpg along with reducing greenhouse gas. The public should drive hybrid vehicles while that guy drives his Corvette.