Love my 2018 Chevrolet Corvette

Love the raw horsepower. My second one which I bought knowing that natuarally aspirited engines will become a thing of the past.

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Does this mean that you bought a naturally aspirated Vette or replaced a naturally aspirated Vette with a charged one?

Everybody has their favorites and that’s okay. Mine is the C-5!

i think a tesla sourced vette would beat a gas version


Both - I sold a naturally aspirated Vet and moved up a few years with another one as I was afraid GM would stop building 6.2 liter engines replacing them with smaller displacements accompanied by who knows what.

I love the C5 and every version since its intro. Enjoy yours.

It is Torch Red with a 7 speed manual and I set it to bypass the mufflers most of the time. Love the sound.

Tesla will beat almost anything off the line, and a gas engine will then leave it in the dust on the long run.

Thanks for your input and have a Happy New Years,


You might want to edit out your phone number.

Tesla will beat almost anything up until the point where you’ll be arrested if you keep accelerating. :wink:

Still, nice car you’ve got there. I’m watching the mid-engine Vette development with interest.

i think his point was that gas cars are going the route of small motor/turbo vs a big old large displacement v8? you can get a camaro and mustang with a turbo 4. back in the day, you had a 2.5 camaro or a 2.8v6 camaro and both were slugs. the v8 at least offered the ability to hotrod it. or pull it out and put in a real 350. until the annual emissions test.

Hey, hey! Not a “slug” My 1983 Firebird 2.8 HO V6 with 130 hp, 5 speed manual and 3.73 gears with posi-trac would bark the tires banging into 2nd gear!

It wasn’t fast by today’s standard (300 hp V6) but it was by 1983 standards!

GM developed a mid engine Vette earlier but did not produce it because it cost twice as much to make but did not have any more market value than the front engine version. We’ll see if that happens again.

Congrats on your new ride! Any modification plans in the future?