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Out and About on Saturday

Just confirming to some of you that there are MANY idiot SUV owners out there.

On Saturday it had started snowing again. I was heading up I-93 in my 4-runner. I’m in the right lane doing about 50. Two SUV’s (Honda CRV and a Ford Explorer) pass me in the left lane doing about 70. The Explorer was taking up the rear…and he MIGHT have been 5’ from the CRV in front.

About 5 miles later came across an accident with 5 SUV’s off the road. Two of them were the CRV and the Explorer that passed me earlier. I have no idea what happened, but I do know that driving 70 in those conditions was was way way way too fast.

Many people who buy a 4wd or AWD vehicle think they’re invincible. Gives the rest of us 4wd owners a bad rap.

Way back in the late 70’s when my brothers and I were in high school, my father bought a Jeep Wagoneer. With regard to driving this 4 WD vehicle, he gave us boys very good advice: “4 WD helps you GO, it doesn’t help you STOP.”

It has alway been that way and mainly with consumer grade SUV’s (compact - midsize ones). I remember back in high school a few people rolling Isuzu Troopers realizing that the 4wd did little to stop/turn the tippy things.

I will admit I used to drive about 50-55MPH in the unplowed passing(6"+ deep) lane with my low slung Civic coupe equipped with real winter tires (Nokian studded or Blizzacks) during raging winter storms. A cop who latter caught up with me said I looked like a snowblower.

Now I just either wait the day before to drive or day after and sit by the stove watch the snow fly. I really am not into driving in the snowy conditions.

Not sure if they were in 4wd or not. All I know is they were traveling way way too fast in snowy conditions. And the Explorer was way too close to the CRV. I wasn’t in 4wd at the time. Just taking it slow because of the snow and very cold conditions.

You also must realize that this 4x4 phycological mis-conception is the same genetic mal-function that fools all car owners that , just because the buy a vehicle means they know how to drive.

They buy a big SUV and somehow they think that will make poor driving safe. The most important safety device in any car is the nut behind the wheel. Give me a tiny small car with a skilled safe (they are not always the same) driver over a poor driver in any car any day.

Mike In NH, I Know Exactly What You Are Talking About!

I don’t limit my complaint just to SUVs, although it seems their drivers often feel that they are invincible an that they drive invincible vehicles.

We have had the really bad weather here, too, with snow every day and strong wind that causes “white-outs” on the Interstate. 70mph on slippery roads and then driving into a “white-out” causes lots of pile-ups. Even if you drive defensively, these clowns may take you out.

I know it’s safer on an Interstate because the cars all travel (basically) in the same direction. However, if the weather conditions are not good, I have for several years now decided to use surface highways where I can drive slow enough for conditions and get away from these dare-devils. The reason it works for me is that I live in a very rural area (rural for a couple hundred miles).

I don’t limit my complaint just to SUVs, although it seems their drivers often feel that they are invincible an that they drive invincible vehicles.

I’ll agree with that…Even though I own a SUV…I don’t consider myself one of them…but I do see my share of them. I see far more SUV’s driving way beyond what they should be driving during adverse weather then any other vehicle.

Perfectly articulated.

Odds those same SUVs will end up in the ditch again. Few people seem to learn.

Let me guess…you were somewhere between exit 2 and exit 5? That stretch is always bad in winter weather.