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Woof Woof!

I agree with others that cell phone use in a vehicle is a bad practice and against the law in many states, but my personal favorite dumb action is the lap dog. People driving around with their little furry treasure in their lap, often on one of their arms is maddening. Often, these folks seem to be well over 50 and driving a mini van. I feel it is dangerous and cruel to the animal, impact+ airbag+dog+owner= a mess.

Sorry, I posted this in the wrong section, but it felt good to vent anyway.

Well I agree. Yesterday on a bad snow day, the driver if the car next to me was paying more attention to her cell phone than driving. I was sure glad to get away from her.

I see people of all ages doing this in all types of vehicles, and I agree, it’s crazy. I often wonder who’s actually driving, the person or the dog?

How about the woman putting on makeup while driving? Of the guy reading the newspaper while driving? I’m with you, Joseph . . . let me get away from this accident waiting to happen. Rocketman

A couple of years I saw a truck with the “hang up and drive” bumper sticker. That’s great except he was driving with both hands on a large burger. What a idiot!

All of which is covered by laws already on the books…CARELESS DRIVING !
What’s needed is enforcement.

Driving with a lapdog is harmless compared to driving with kids in the car. A while back someone said that driving with noisy, fighting kids in the car is equivalent to a .07 BAC.