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Hello there. So I’m wondering if anyone has a good “hand signal” to use at someone driving by (or behind) while they’re chatting away on their phone. They probably won’t notice me because they’re so distracted, but it’ll make ME feel better! I know of at least one case where flipping off Hummers actually shamed a driver into switching to a hybrid. So, a ‘turn off your dang cell-phone’ signal might have similar effect. Thanks!

in addition to cell phone “signals” , how about a signal for boom box, woofers in cars nearby who assault MY hearing?

same idea, different tactic.

I think the law change up here in Ontario, Canada banning cell phone use while the vehicle is in motion will be better than a hand signal. This never should have been allowed in the first place.

IMHO a lot of other things should be banned from moving vehicles too. Like drunks for one.

I can think of several “all purpose” hand signals that are widely used to express displeasure. However, getting yourself away from any “distracted driver” (regardless of the reason) is probably more useful.

Why does anyone care if someone is on a cell phone, if the car is driving in a safe manner? There are many vehicles driven in poorly without any apparent cell phone usage going on.

Yes, it will be interesting to see if the bill passes. Right now, the only charge that applies is Careless Driving, and that’s hard to prove just based on somoene holding a cell phone to their ear as evidence. But, with Nova Scotia and Quebec joining Newfoundland and Labrador as the only jurisdictions in Canada to ban handheld devices while behind the wheel, I’m sure Ontario and others will follow with specific legislation.

I agree with you about the drunks. The courts have turned into a circus show when it comes to drunk driving charges and people are getting off on rediculous technicalities.

Exactly, distracted driving is the problem regardless of the cause. I can think of about a dozen more “distracting” activities that I have done while driving, when I was young and foolish (most of which i couldn’t describe here).

Because they are distracted and 99.95% of the time it is not needed. On the other hand however, another driver trying to get their attention will just lead to two distracted drivers. Not good. It would be better to let your lawmakers know you want an enforced ban on them for drivers.

The NY law prohibiting the use of a hand held cell phone is not very effective. One frequently observes drivers with a phone held to the ear. It is my personal belief that the act of dialing is far more distracting than simply talking. Among those who do respect the law a new fashion accessory has emerged. Numerous people now go anywhere looking like Uncle Martin from “My Favorite Martian” because they have a protruding ear piece that constantly remains in place.

I happened to be working in NY in 2001 when that law went into effect. I remember the radio stations making a big deal over the new law and how cell phone users would be ticketed, etc. Of course, the law made absolutely no difference to anyone. I guess a few people started using hands free devices, but most people (including me) just kept using their phones. It was a pretty silly gesture.

Studies have also shown that using a hands-free cell phone is no better than using a regular one. Good intentions (perhaps), poor execution, as is often the case from Albany.

I don’t know about hand signals, but I am looking for a large patch to put on the back of my motorcycle jacket that says “Maybe you would drive better if that cell phone was up your ass!”

Almost every time some idiot tries to run me off the road, it is because the driver is yaking on the phone. They aren’t eating, playing with the radio, or drinking a beverage. If they were, I would want to ban those idiotic distractions too. The truth is those things might be distractions, but they only last a moment. If you do any of these things while you drive, the distraction only lasts for a few seconds, as long as it takes to take a bite, find your station, or take a sip of coffee. If you are talking on the phone, you are continously being distracted from the task of driving for extended periods, making you a full-time hazard to everyone else. There is a big difference between yaking on the phone and taking a bite from a sandwich or putting a DC in the player.

Yup, you know what they say about “good intentions.” Trying to regulate cell phone use is pretty much impossible, just enforce current distracted driving laws.

If the answer isn’t legislation, perhaps we should make it a part of driver’s education and require the class in all 50 states regardless of age. I still find it hard to believe that you can get a license in many states without taking a class. A section on avoiding distractions might be useful, along with this picture.

I use a hand signal that is normally used to indicate someone who doesn’t shut up.

Put you fingers and thumb straight out and move you thumb up and down (towards and away from your fingers) as if it were a mouth.

You are correct that no one notices. Heck, they aren’t noticing the road either!

Driver’s education is always a good thing, the more the better. AFAIK, each state has it’s own rules for licensing drivers so there is probably no way of implementing a nation standard for education.

This argument will become, mostly, moot (and mute) when all cell phones have voice recognition. I CAN’T dial and drive. What, look away from the road for 30 seconds while I dial?! Not mwah!

"in addition to cell phone “signals” , how about a signal for boom box, woofers in cars nearby who assault MY hearing? "

For the boombox guys, I like to dance to the music, either as I walk or in my car seat. Since I am 50 years old, I embarass the offender and he will usually turn it down.

You can also point at the noisy offender and laugh hysterically at him.

Current distracted driving laws would INCLUDE cellphone use.

“Current distracted driving laws would INCLUDE cellphone use.”

That’s good, now if they actually gave out tickets to people who were driving erratically (for any reason) we might make some progress. That’s unlikely to happen.