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Won't start

yesterday the wife went out & started my 01 dodge ram 1500 5.2L, she forgot something inside the house. She turned off the truck & went inside. When she returned the truck would not start. It will turn over, it has fuel in the rails & spark at the plugs. in the shop manual it had me check the asd relay which was fine, then told me where & how to remove the cps sensor. I understand this tells the computer when to deliver the spark, is this my more likely culprit?

I suppose different systems could work differently but if your CkP is bad then you probably wouldn’t have spark. The fuel injectors also wouldn’t fire.

One thing that can happen if you start a cold engine & then shut it down soon after is the engine can get flooded. Did you try flooring the accelerator while starting? This would be a flood clear.

Also, fuel at the rail doesn’t tell you a couple of important things - one is whether the fuel is at the rail at the correct pressure (need a pressure gauge for that) and the other is whether or not the injectors are firing.