My dodge wont start... help?

hey guys! i have a 96 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.2L pickup that wont start. i have replaced fuses, starter, ignition switch, tumbler. it still wont run. i can craw under it with 2 screwdriver and start it by touching hot wire and trigger wire. what else could it be? any suggestions? have hooked it to a diagnostics machine and it said idleair was bad and i replaced that too…HELP!

If the starter motor is not engaging with the key then it could be that the neutral safety switch has failed if the truck has an automatic transmission. Try shifting into neutral to see if the truck will start.

The neutral switch may also be referred to as a range selector switch.

There is also the starter relay under the hood, which you might have missed. But hopefully you’ve learned how expensive it is to just throw parts at the problem instead of properly diagnosing it. A competent mechanic should have been able to find the problem in a few minutes, and even with a diagnostic fee you’d probably have saved money and definitely some aggravation at this point.