Won't start

For the past month my 92 Regal won’t start unless I crank the gas pedal while turning the ignition key. I never had to do that before.

I have to warm it up for 3- 4 minutes, otherwise it stalls.

What do you mean “crank the gas pedal”? You mean put it to the floor, or do you modulate it (i.e. press up and down)? And what happens if you don’t warm it up? Does it stall as soon as you put it in gear?

When you come back to clarify exactly what is happening (b/c that description is quite vague), add in all info about the car’s basic maintenance. E.g. plugs, wires, filters, etc. “Regular oil changes” is irrelevant so please don’t just say that.

Actually, START with the basic maintenance. THAT is likely most, if not all, of the problem, anyway.
Basic maintenance: Change spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor (if it has them). Clean the intake tract (throttle body bore and throttle plate; idle air control valve) with a Throttle Body Cleaner. Of course, you need the repair manual, to do this. Give up? Then, you’ll need a good mechanic.

If there is a cold start valve on the engine check that out.

Thank you for your response GreasyJack
Yes, I have to put it to the floor and have to keep my foot on accelerator for 3 or 4 minutes, otherwise it stalls, without even putting it in gear.
Do I need to rplace the fuel pump?