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1996 Buick Regal

I have a 1996 buick regal custom with a 3.8. From time to time my car will just suddenly die on me while I’m driving it and will not start for at least 1/2 hr no matter what I do, I have replaced the fuel preassure regulator and that did nothing, also if I turn off the car after driving it for about 20 min’s, it will not start again for at least a 1/2 hr. I thought about bringing it to a dealer but I have been burned by dealers in the past, I’m hoping to be able to fix this issue myself but need some direction. Thanks in advance


When the engine won’t start, is it getting gas? Does it have spark?

You might be expieriencing the classic symtoms of a crankshaft position sensor that has become suseptable to heat. When this happens, the heat off the engine causes this sensor to fail and the computer shuts down the ignition and injector function. If you let the vehicle sit long enough, this sensor cools down to a point where it functions again and the engine starts and runs.


While the car is in failure mode (and still hot) see if the car will run on some priming product sprayed into the intake.

I have very low confidence in GM fuel pumps of the era your car is.They are so bad they should be considered a maintiance item.