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Car stalls after driving about 10 min

My 96 Buick Regal acts like it is out of gas after driving for about 10 min. Takes awhile to start, then runs rough if at all. After it sits, it runs fine again for about 10 min. I changed fuel filter, fuel pressure sensor and fuel pressure regulator.

Before changing those parts, did you test the fuel pressure to see if it’s actually a fuel problem, or just guess and change them?

Is there a check engine light?

As chaissos asked, did you verify that this is a fuel problem? Did you ever check for spark after it stalls? Have you listened for the fuel pump after it stalls?

I wonder if it could be just a bad gas cap, allowing a vacuum to be created in the gas tank. Try driving with a loose or removed gas cap. If you are able to drive without stalling, get a new gas cap.

Three possibilities occur to me.

  1. you have an ignition component that’s failing and has become heat sensitive. Typically that will be something with windings, like a coil or perhaps even a relay.

  2. the charcoal canister is saturated or the vent line plugged, preventing the pump from breathing air into the tank to replace the fuel it pumps out. That causes a vacuum to develop in the tank’s airspace and makes it hard for the pump to pull gas out.

  3. a failing pump. Possibly because it’s straining against a vacuum, possibly because of (2) above.