96 Regal won't start


My 96 Regal, 3.8l engine, fails to start about 1 time in 10. The starter turns everything over normally bu the engine won’t catch. I have found if I then wait 3-4 minutes it will start right up. I’ve wondered if having the air conditioner on to start with makes a difference. Sometimes I have hit the accelerator before turning the key and that seems to cause it not to start, but sometimes if fails to start when I haven’t hit the accelerator first. It has only stopped once in traffic. Any ideas?


Ensure the fuel filter has been changed, in recent memory. I think the problem is in the ignition switch. The ignition switch is two parts: the lock cylinder, and the switch part (the part with the wires attached). The bad part would be the switch part with the wires attached.


There are several sensors and electronic items that could cause the symptoms you describe. Yes, it could be the switch, but the 1:10 ratio makes me think otherwise. You’re going to have to get it checked out by a competant local shop. Look for “The mechanix files” right on this website for a good shop near you.