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Wont start below freezing

So we recently bought this truck 2000 Chevy S10. Ran fine till it started getting below freezing (Michigan). It will crank but won’t turn over. Took it in to have the starter tested and it was fine and the alternator is good too. We needed a new battery. Got one with 700cca. It started one day (which it was above freezing) now it won’t. Spoke to a friend and he suggested dry gas. So we have literally put 3 bottles in and still having this issue. Even on a above freezing day it takes a few tries to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I need this car to run. Thanks.

Crank and turn over mean the same thing. Please tell us what happens in detail when you turn the key to the start position.


When we put the key in we hold down the clutch and the lights come on and the engine tries to start but it will not.

When were the spark plugs last replaced?

Not since we have had it for a few months but we can check them.

One bit of advice, do not overdose on the dry gas, use only amount as directed.
Spark plugs may help. Make sure you are using the correct viscosity oil.

Thank you! That’s what I’m scared of is putting too much in. We will check spark plugs and I’m sure we got the right oil.

manual trans? 4cyl motor? dont recall a 4.3v6 with a manual trans

On what do you base that conclusion? Did you personally change the oil or have someone you trust do it?

Who suggested it might be the starter? If the engine is turning over, the starter is working. You need someone more experienced to look at it. I’d be checking plugs, plug wires and fuel flow for starters.

Unless you were able to secure hard copies of the vehicle’s maintenance record, then–unfortunately–you have to assume that no maintenance was ever done.

Besides spark plugs, you need to flush the brake fluid if you don’t have proof that it was done w/in the last couple of years. If this vehicle has an automatic transmission, its trans fluid and filter need to be changed every 3 yrs or 30k miles. If you have no proof of that service by the previous owner, then I strongly advise you to have that done, along with the plugs and the brake fluid.

Maintenance is invariably cheaper than the repairs that result from lack of maintenance.

Do you hear the fuel pump hum when you turn the key without trying to start it? If not, check your fuses and relays.

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Thank you we will do that.

Yes manual 4 cylinder

Yes we changed the oil. We had the starter tested already and it’s good so we know it’s not that. We will check the plugs wires and fuel.

We do hear it and will check fuses. Thank you.

My point was that if whoever had you test the starter when the engine was cranking is the person that’s still diagnosing the car, you need to find someone else. If the engine cranks, the starter is not broken, and so if someone wants to test the starter when the engine is cranking, they don’t know what they’re doing.


Gotcha. Thanks.