Car will turn over but won't start

I have a 1987 Mercedes Benz that will turn over but won’t start up. I replaced the alternator, and replaced some corroded wires less then a month ago, and supossedly the battery is good. Any ideas what the problem is and what I can do to fix it. Thanks!

There is a plethora of possibilities.

You may not have spark, which could be due to any number of causes throughout the ignition system including but not limited to the coil, the distributor, the ignition wires, and a corroded terminal in the circuitry (like a high resistance battery cable connection dropping voltage).

Or you may not have fuel getting delivered to the injector(s) (throttle plate injection of multiport??). Dead fuel pump, clogged filter, bad regulator, empty tank, these are all possible causes.

Or the bad temp sensor could be not telling the computer that the engine is cold.

The only certainty is that the starter motor is apparently okay!

OK. Try it this way: Explain what does happen! Does the engine turn over (crank) at a normal rate? Can you check for spark, to a spark plug, during cranking? Is it sparking? When you spray Starter Fluid (available at auto parts stores) into the black plastic intake tube, and attempt to start it, does it start and run for a few seconds?

Diesel or gas???

Ditto. Please be more specific as to your vehicle- make (you supplied that); model; engine size; diesel or gas; year (you supplied); and try hellokit’s suggesttion- if you can. Always good to try as much as possible to anticipate questions posters may have although I realize you’re not a mindreader- but neither are we! Please post back, benz21.

I am having the exact same trouble. It only happens when it is below freezing.
I have a 92 Subaru Legacy 4 Door Wagon, AWD. Gas powered. 4 Cylinder.
New battery. I put in gas line antifreeze. There is a full tank of gas. Oil and filter changed recently. Relatively new alternator. Starter works fine. Spark plugs were checked or replaced recently too.
I can’t get to the intake tube, or I can’t find it to spray in the starter fuel.
It is turning over with plenty of power (sounds normal), but it just won’t start. And only when it is below freezing outside. I had read something about a crank shaft position sensor, but haven’t had that checked. And I don’t know what it is.


PS: Sorry to take over your question Ben, but it sounds similar to mine. Hopefully we’ll both get this figured out.