New starter and battery-- won't start

My truck has been sitting for over a year-- once it was driven 4 hours several months ago with no problem.
Otherwise, it’s been sitting!

Last week, I had new starter and battery installed. It started a few times but only with a splash of gas into carb.
After numerous attempts to start it- iT IS COMPLETELY DEAD!! ( some dash lights come on) .

Is it the alternator?
Spark plugs?
Am I in a sinking ship?

Please help!!

The truck is upside down. It must have suction cup tires.

When you turn the key, do the dash lights turn off? Check the wire from the battery to the starter. Make sure it is clean and tight. Check the ground from the battery to the frame as well and the cable from the frame to the engine.
You could use the NEGATIVE side of any booster cable and hook one BLACK wire to the NEGATIVE (-) side of the battery. Clamp the other side of the BLACK wire to any bare part of the engine. DO NOT USE THE POSITIVE/RED/+ side of the booster cable.
Try and start it now. if it starts or at least turns over, you have a bad ground.

The picture is great. It makes me want to say that the engine turns over along with the rest of the truck. Sometimes a truck that sits a long time will end up with corroded battery cables, not just the terminals. Those have to be replaced. One occasional sign of this is a swollen cable. RemcoW gave advice that sounds like some of my experience with grounds, so he’s obviously been around cars for a while.

I have to ask the obvious question. Does the battery have a full charge on it? If you have been trying numerious times to start the engine even a new battery will loose charge fairly quickly if the engine doesn’t run. If the battery is low you need to charge it up using a charger. Once you get the starter working again spray a small amount of starter fluid into the air intake to see if the engine will respond to that. If it does then the ignition system is okay and there is a fuel delivey problem.


Does the security light flash when it won’t start?

We have those S10 trucks at work and they’re not that hard to figure out

That means that any competent independent shop should be able to diagnose and repair your truck.

Have somebody check fuel pressure
Is it high enough?
Does it hold?

“started a few times, but only with a splash of gas into carb” makes me think you have insufficient fuel pressure

The fuel may have gone bad. If it smells like turpentine, it’s no good.


You don’t have a carburetor, by the way.

It probably fell off when he parked it upside down.


Being upside down certainly has its disadvantages

The truck won’t start because the tank isn’t full, and pump is just sucking air


I believe somebody may just flag me for my harmless humour.

If you do, though, just remember that I already gave OP some decent advice.

I tend to go along with the stale gasoline and run-down battery due to repeated no-starts because of the old gas.
This might be especially true if it’s Ethanol gasoline. Over a year is a long time; assuming there was no gasoline added during the drive a few months back.

No flags from me. The upside down pic of the truck practically guaranteed some humorous comments. The OP should keep in mind that it’s all done in a lighthearted and non-malicious manner though.
My first thought was how many amps does it take for a starter motor to flip a truck over… :slight_smile:

Well if it started lately, it is not the starter, and you don’t have a carburetor, it probably is the fuel.