Cold Van Won't Start

Recently my van has started not starting when it gets really really cold outside here in Michigan. I’ve tried ‘dry heat’ type products in the gas tank, I’ve ran it dry and filled it again, I really can’t afford to take it somewhere. So now what do I do?

Recently I’ve been surrounding the van with old dors and tables and putting a space heater under it, that seems to help, though it’s an awful lot of work and takes hours.

Can you provide more detail on what’s happening when you try to start? Is it not cranking or cranking slow or not firing? You’re not telling us much about the symptoms.


It turns over fine. I just won’t ‘catch’ … kinda says:

You need to find out whether its spark or fuel. Fuel is most likely but there’s nothing like finding out. Use a spark tester or spare plug (or pull one) to find out if you get a nice strong blue spark. If you do then spray some starting fluid into the intake. If that gets it to fire even briefly then you know its fuel.

This at least cuts the problem in half.