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Won't keep running

1992 626 4 door Mazada

Car will start but after driving for about 10 minutes stopped. The engine will turn over but it won’t “connect” to run. We had it towed and main rely replaced. paid bill, started home and in 10 min stopped, restarted, stopped again, this time did not connect to run. Have gas in it.What else to have them check out? Thanks

Have you checked the oil? I don’t know about Mazada,but many cars control the power to the fuel pump with a switch on the oil pressure. It could also be a loose or coroded electrical connection or fuse.These will always show themselvs by emitting heat.Easier to find with a remote temp sensor tool.

have not recently checked the oil (1 month) but the oil does need replenishment regularly. I guess we could have the mechanic check the switch and for a loose/coroded electrial connection. Thanks for giving us a place to start.

Another line of thought is you MAY have a fuel supply fault.

When was the fuel filter last replaced? Possible worn out fuel pump.

“oil does needs replenishment regularly”. Which means?

Do you have visible oil leaks from the engine or smoke from the tailpipe due to a low engine compression?

With a 16 year old vehicle UNLESS it has been meticulously maintained, can have lots of things starting to wear out. Come to think of it, that applies whether maintained or not.

YOU shouldn’t be the one who has to instruct the mechanic. It should be vice versa.
Broadly speaking, it has to be determined if the problem is with fuel into the engine, or spark. A novice mechanic could do that with a test spark plug and a spray can of Starting Fluid. An electrical problem, or a part which breaks down with a few minuets use, could be more difficult.
I don’t know if you’ve been to a good shop, or not. It’s your call whether to give them another go.