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Starting Issues

My car will not start sometimes after sitting for a longer period of time like 5 hours or more. To get it running again I need to keep my foot on the gas while cranking the engine for up to 60 seconds sometimes. During this time I can hear it firing and attempting to start and then it will finally start after 30 to 60 seconds, when it gets to 1000 rpms I can let off of the starter and rev the engine a bit to keep it running. Once I do all this the car runs perfectly fine and drives great. There is no check engine light on either. It is a 1988 Mazda 626 LX standard transmission.

Have you checked your fuel filter and or pump lately. The filter can be replaced in a few minutes at a cost of $10 or less, the pump is a bit more involved. I’m not sure if you have EFI or carburetor, but clogged injectors or stuck choke could cause similar problems. Good luck.

You have leaky fuel injectors. After you turn the car off, gas continues to leak into your cylinders, flooding them.

Thanks for the suggestions. I already replaced the fuel filter because I suspected that but that didn’t fix it. I have EFI on my car. Thanks again.