Car will not start

I have a 1992 lexus sc400 that will not start. this car cut off at the stoplight.I am getting fuel on the spark plugs .it will only run if I spray starting fluid on the air filter and soon as I stop spraying the engine will cut off.I need help please

sounds like a time for a tune up. wire, plugs, and air filter.

the starting fluid is an indication that it is running too lean. maybe a fuel filter too. (or possibly the fuel filter is callin git quits too.

i’d start with the tune up. the check out fuel pressure. if the filter hasn’t been changed, thats due too.

If you dont hear the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds when you turn the key, try giving the gas tank a good whack with your hand.

If your lucky this will bring the fuel pump back to life long enough to drive to a shop.

This little trick has gotten me back home a couple of times.

The last time I had to whack the floor board on an old MG midget every couple of minutes to keep the pump going.

Another thought since you say the plugs are wet.

My Fords -& probably your Lexus- have a vacuum controlled fuel pressure regulator.

If the diaphragm rips it will flood the intake with fuel.

Try pulling the vac hose off & if it’s wet with fuel, thats the problem

Those are contradictory conditions: “getting fuel on the spark plugs”, and “it will only run if I spray Starting Fluid into the air filter”.
How did you determine that there was fuel on the spark plugs? Did you pull the spark plugs out and they were wet with fuel? Or, was this an assumption? If there is too much fuel to ignite, more fuel (Starter Fluid) isn’t the answer.
Let’s assume that there is a lack of fuel being injected into the engine. Change the fuel filter and measure the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is too high, the fuel pressure regulator could be defective, OR, there is no vacuum to it.
If the fuel pressure is too low, it could be the fuel pressure regulator, or a fuel pump problem. Check the wiring, visually and with a digital multimeter; then, check the fuel pump.
If you don’t use electrical test equipment (multimeter, etc.) to check electrical components, you are shooting in the dark. The only thing you will “hit” is your wallet after you change a number of (expensive) good parts.
A dirty, or disconnected, MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor can cause this problem. Check the electrical connector to the MAF. Use MAF Spray Cleaner. Use Carb/Throttle Body spray cleaner in the intake tract, in the throttle body bore and on the throttle plate. Results?

I spray throttle body spray in the throttle bodybore and plate and now I notice that the car backfire,now avery time I tried to start it ,the car backfire through the tail pipe except when I spray starting fluid , then it started for a few secounds then stop…please help me …thank you.