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New battery, starter, fuel pump, relay. Cold weather and car won't start


I have a 2001 Ford Taurus and have replaced the battery, starter, fuel pump and relay. It turns over but won’t start. Do you have any ideas what else it might be? The weather has been cold but it’s almost 50 deg today. Thanks for any advice you might have

Do you have fuel pressure? Do you have spark? Did you check the MAF? Did you check for OBDII codes?

You have to get the codes read because you need a hint. You might have to clean the plugs.

We have spark. And we have fuel pressure. I’m sorry, but Idon’t know what MAF means. Now that the weather is warmed up a bit, I noticed we have a leak. The ground under the car is stained.

Thank you. I had it at the dealers last week. I always take it there for the oil changes etc. Do you think they would have said something about the spark plugs if there had been a problem?