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2003 Audi A4 1.8T...won't start!

The car tries to start, I think it would like to start, but it won’t turn over. It does not make any clicking noises. I have replaced the battery but the problem still exists. Could it possibly be the starter? I doubt it’s a simple reset thing and I’m fearful that it may cost a small fortune to repair. Any thoughts? Anyone?

Since you said the battery was replaced (I assume it’s a new fully charged one) I take it the battery cable connections and connectors were cleaned and reinstalled wrench tight?

Was the battery cable to the starter also removed/cleaned and replaced wrench tight?

Is the battery grounded properly?

If you suspect a damaged battery cable to the starter, use a jumper cable from the battery to the starter.

One thing you could try (although I doubt it will help) is rap the side of the starter with a small plastic hammer or heavy duty screwdriver handle.
(The solenoid MAY be stuck)

Inspect as much as possible before buying a new starter.

When the key is in the ON position, do all of the dash warning lights come on then go off (as normal).

Has the check engine light or the service engine soon light come on?

Don’t start throwing parts at the car in the hopes of MAYBE getting lucky with one of them.