2001 Honda Accord Starting Issues

Hey guys,
So my 2001 Honda Accord (107k miles) is having starting issues as of yesterday. I thought the battery was dead but when someone tried to jump me it struggled. Then I had to give it some gas to start it. Ever since then it has been struggling to start and I have to rev it if it’s been sitting. Some things to note:

When I got an oil change a few weeks ago they said the battery life wasn’t great.

I’ve never had any starting issues in the past.

The battery doesn’t seem to be dead, all the power comes on but it just clicks when I try to turn it over.

It was 100 degrees (Heatwave here in LA) on the day that this first starting happening. I don’t know if that means anything.

I’m just wondering What my next steps should be? Does it seem like the starter or the fuel injector? Is there a way for a mechanic to know immediately which it is or is it a “Lets replace this to see” kind of issue? Are there any “over the counter” things I can try to see? Like a fuel injector cleaner or something?

Just wondering what it could be.

To power the gauges, courtesy lights, and radio, the battery needs only to provide maybe 20-30 amps. To start the car, the battery needs to provide 300-400 amps. This is where it is falling flat. A simple load test can determine for sure if this battery is shot, but it sounds that way to me. Replace the battery now before the car leaves you stranded again.

I also live in Los Angeles. My experience tells me that any battery that lasts longer than 4-5 years is on extended time

How old is yours?

If the electrolyte level is low, get rid of it. Even after topping off with distilled water, you’ll probably not get passable performance out of it

My 4 year old battery failed a few weeks ago, on a really hot day, by the way

Resolve any battery issues first.

In regards to the click sound you hear it needs to be determined whether that click is underneath the hood and is the starter solenoid or if the click is inside the car which could mean you hear the sound of a relay clicking when energized.

This could go in several directions so it would be best to know where that click is coming from.

As to batteries, they can go anytime. I’ve got one now that is 4 months old and is faulty. The seller says their testing shows it’s good and my testing shows it’s bad.
Seeing as how I went through this song and dance about 10 years ago I may have to resort to deliberate sabotage of the battery to remove all doubt and make them see the light.

The the battery to a local chain auto parts store. They can do a load check on the battery and tell you if it is OK. If not, you can change it right there.I have a 2005 Accord, and all you need to get the battery out is a half inch wrench. Be aware that you will need to reprogram the radio to make it work again. You may still have the radio code in your glove box with the owner’s manual. If not, you can’t get it from the Honda automobile web site. The home page will direct you to the page that verifies who you are and then gives you the code.

About the radio code . . .

Even if you can’t remember the radio code, some Hondas have the code on a sticker on the inside of the glove box lid.

When you open the glove box, look for a white sticker, possibly on the left side. It’ll be a 4 or 5 digit number

Could be both,but it could also be the age of the car. Need to know the reading or the Odo. Most cars engine job after they have been drive up words of 1laks kms.

Did you cleaning the injection or maybe even the petrol pump