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Wobble under acceleration @ 35-45 mph

I own a 1998 Toyota Sienna w/ 195K and am the original owner. For the last 5k under ligh or heavy acceleration, I have a wobble in the wheel and in the cavan itself. This wobble does not occur when decellerating. The wobble does not occur below or above the 35-45 mphs. Wheel bearing? CV Joint? Struts?

Have an alignment shop check it out. It might be worn steering tie rods ends, or the steering rack may be worn, internally.

Beside having the front end checked, how old are the tires? I had an 88 Chevrolet Beretta that had a vibration/wobble in the same speed range with original tires at the ~40k mark. I replaced the tires with same model (Eagle GT+4) and had no further problems.

Ed B.

U joints!

Thanks… I will have alignement shop check it out.

U joints? Do you mean CV joints … inner or outer?

When the alignment shop checks it out, just ask them to check for wear in all the CV joints. It doesn’t take long. They probably won’t even charge you for it. That’s assuming it has half shafts. If it has an axle housing(s), then CapriRacer could be is right; have them check the u-joints/driveshaft(s). Please post back!

i would same most likely it the tires. if the seat shakes it your rear tires and if the steering wheel shakes it the front tires.