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VW Front End Wobble

I have 1999 VW Passat Sedan. In December I had it in the shop and they checked it out and told me I needed a tie rod on right side. They installed tie rod and then aligned it. Almost immediately I bought new tires. Ever since I have had a wobble that occurs at about 40 miles per hour while accelerating. It will continue if I stay at more or less 40. However, the car runs fine at other speeds. The car repair place does not know what the problem is.

While there are any number of possibilities, I would tend to think you have a bad balance or a bad tyre. Yes a new tyre can be bad. I would take it back to were you bought the tyres and have them check it out.

BTW did you buy four new tyres or just two?

I’ve been away and unable to find my post. I bought four new tires. I just had them rotated. The problem persists. I notice that it happens more as I accelerate through 35 to 45 mph. Still is smooth at high speeds.
Thanks for your response.

Switch the tires and see if the wobble moves with the tire. A bad belt or even a few ounces of liquid in the tire can cause such problems.

We rotated the tires which put front tires on the back and vice versa. The wobble is still in front.

Return to the line-up shop and get the front end re-inspected. If it’s not the tire/wheel, it is likely a suspension.steering issue.

Thanks for the help. The problem was that the CV joint was bad. Finally, after great stress, amny trips to the shop and redoing balance and alignment and tire inspections, the mechanics suggested the CV. Put it on the lift, ran front wheels and the right one wobbled like crazy. Question is, why didn’t someone suggest this before. It seems a plausible beginning when tires are new and newly balanced and aligned or is this a very unusual problem.