1998 toyota tacoma wobbles at 55 mph

I hav a wobble in steering at 55 mph and have gone thru 2 sets of tires. After 1st set i changed front struts, no help . When i rotate tires from rear to front it goes away for 6 months and tires start to wear wavy and wobble starts. please help!

I have 31 inch tires

When you say “I changed front struts …” did you mean changed the front strut rods? Have you changed the shock absorbers? Do those if you haven’t done them yet. At the time the struts were replaced, did you inspect the upper A arm bushings and the lower arm bushing on both sides? Have you checked the upper and lower ball joints for looseness and wear? There should be no play of the upper ball joint and a maximum of 0.5mm 0.020 inch for the lower joint.

Next inspect the attachment bolts of the rack and pinion steering. Inspect the outer and inner tie rod ends for looseness. Then inspect the steering shaft u joint and couplings. Also check the steering wheel nut for tightness and torque.

Also, check the rear suspension bushings for looseness/wear and the axle U bolts for tightness

I am assuming that you have the basis Toyota Tacoma, regular cab, no power steering, 2 wheel drive,4 cylinder engine, manual shift, etc. Could you be a little more specific about the 31 inch tires. Is this truck raised to get these tires to fit under the fenders? Do you have an aftermarket lift kit to really raise this truck? In which case, you might never get rid of the ‘wobble’ until you have a professional modifier examine and diagnosis the present suspension.


Have you balanced the rims?

That would be the first thing