2017 Ford Fusion - Where do I put SD?

I have a 2017 Fusion hybrid Platinum. Wanting to update the on-board maps, I purchased an A-10 SD card on e-Bay and borrowed a card reader. I’ve inserted the USB in the tray slot below the radio and in the console glovebox slot. It isn’t loading from either location, although the card reader light shows that the connection is hot. Is there another USB port that I’m missing? Does the SD card go into a slot that I haven’t located? Must I do something (beyond inserting the card reader) that initiates the installation? Thank you for this help.

Your owners manual should reveal all…


Me thinks that is the problem .

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By any chance, does your vehicle support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? If so, you should give that a go. Google Maps and Waze are superior to anything in any native Nav from Ford.