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Wishful thinking? hybrid and towing

Is it possible to find a used - 2009 - 2016 (probably not affordable at 2016) hybrid with 2500 - 3000 lb towing ability? I can’t afford 2 vehicles. Would rarely be towing (a small camper) - but would like the option; hence the ‘hybrid’ for 90% of my driving. I don’t drive ‘city’ very often; live in rural Colorado. Would prefer to stay under $15k.
Also - what do I need to consider in buying an ‘older’ hybrid? (battery wise probably the biggest Q)

thanks in advance

The Tahoe hybrid will tow in the neighborhood of 6,000 pounds. You might be disappointed at the mileage, however. Only 20/23

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Only one that comes to mind might be the Toyota Highlander hybrid, but it’s $$$, for a small mpg benefit for your driving (rural). Hybrids save gas for stop and go driving (like I do with my hybrid), not nearly as much for higher speed rural driving. You’d be better off in a regular vehicle, it seems to me.

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You can get a base model 2009 Highlander hybrid for about $9200 in clean condition with 100,000 miles. The max tow weight is 3500#. Look at prices for equivalently equipped Highlanders with and without the hybrid feature and see hat the price difference is. Check EPA mileage for both and factor in the type of driving you do (e.g., 30% highway and 70% city) and then calculate the savings in gas for the hybrid compared to the savings up fron on the regular Highlander. That gives you the payoff time to buy the hybrid.

Then a hybrid makes very little sense. Highway mileage is similar to non-hybrid cars. It is the stop-and-go in the city that gives the benefits with hybrids. The extra cost isn’t justified in your case. Plus, hybrids are often offered with lesser horsepower engines because the hybrid’s electric boost makes up for it.

A 3000 lb tow rating pushes up the size of car needed. Type “What can tow 3000 lbs” in Google and see what pops up.

Not a realistic price besides your driving is not what Hybrid vehicles are meant for.

Towing with a hybrid is just not a good idea.

Wow!! Thank you sooooo much for all the great replies. I did not realize that a hybrid does not help highway mpg. Honestly, I have not done my research. I was thinking hybrid because I’m a ‘conservationist’ (wildlife biologist) and I just don’t feel right not doing everything I can reasonably do to minimize my foot print. So . . hybrids are out . . which will make my choice for a high mpg vehicle much (?) easier - and certainly less expensive. Yippee!! Can’t thank you all enough.

btw: I had done a google search for 'hybrid that can tow 3000" and didn’t get much of anything - hence my post here.

Really appreciate all your time - happy travels


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Also, a vehicle that can tow 3500 lb in Iowa might not do well in the Rockies with the same weight.