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Towing small loads with a Hybrid

I have Jeep Grand Cherokee, vintage 2001 with 200K miles on it, and to put it mildly the poor thing is showing its age and it is falling to pieces. I need a replacement. Another Cherokee would be nice but prices for new ones are getting a bit steep and so is gas.

I am looking at a Toyota Highlander Hybrid or a GMC Terrain.

I have a question about hybrids though. Once a year I go on an extended camping trip and need to carry all supplies. I usually rent a small U Haul trailer for this. Can a hybrid be used to tow small loads, or should I just forget it and purchase the Terrain?

Buy what you want and rent what you need to tow the trailer for your trip.

According to the Toyota web site the Highlander hybrid comes standard with a towing package good for 3,500 lb., so you should be fine.

Hybrid SUVs that come with an owner’s manual that quotes a towing capacity should be able to tow weights up to that capacity.

Based on your situation though (only towing once a year), I would buy a hybrid car and rent a tow vehicle once a year. Buying a vehicle with needs you don’t frequently need is a waste of money.

thanks people.

the towing is once a year. I use the jeep for various other sudden large object transport. Like when the wife decides we need a new 7 foot cat tower and the like. this is our second Jeep the first one we bought was in 93 and my wife thought it was too big. Now she is worried about the Terrain and Highlander being too small.

we do not really use the off road capabilities all that much so just need a smaller, more efficient replacement for the jeep.

the wife has a camry hybrid and she loves it.

I will check the toyota site again to see the tow packages avail for the hybrid.

Oops! Nevermind. I misread part of your recent post.

ahhhh I returned to the toyota site and there is now a towing package option… very cool

A CRV or Rav 4 would easily fit the the bill if you tow less than 1500 lbs. Both have room equal or greater than your jeep are very reliable and are economical to run. A highlander hybrid will do no better than the Rav in 4 cal. You are over spending to save gas IMO.

The edit function will not work properly with my iPad…are you guys working with Apple to force a new purchase…oh a small aluminum aluminum utility trailer would work for op as well.

" Both have room equal or greater than your jeep"…

Really??? I don’t think so. The Grand Cherokee is a lot bigger then the Rav4.

"A highlander hybrid will do no better than the Rav in 4 cal."

The highlander hybrid is rated 3500lbs…the Highlander NON-HYBRID V6 is rated 2000. So is the Rav4.

MikeinNH "Really??? I don’t think so. The Grand Cherokee is a lot bigger then the Rav4."

Please notice that the 06 and newer RAV is slightly bigger in areas of length and height in overall cargo room, leg room, head room and slightly smaller in others having to do with width compared to the 2001 Grand Cherokee (“your Jeep”). Please see “room” I reference, not overall size.

The Cherokee may be a lot heavier and thirsty, but not bigger on interior volume than the RAV which compares favorably with the Cherokee he had and would like to replace. I stand by my size assertion. The mis spelled assertion of “no better than the RAV” had to do with mileage figures NOT TOWING. The 4 cyl RAV compares fovorably to the mileage of a Highlander pre 2011. I was not referring to towing though the v6 Rav is rated the same (3500lbs tow) as the Hylander and still gets similar (better highway) mileage !!! BTW, I did say that I would not tow more than 1500 lbs with the RAV, so I did CYA myself.

09 RAV is 28 highway 2wd, 27 highway 4wd/ 6 cyl is 26 highway
09 Highlander Hybrid is 25 Highway 4wd

2001 Cherokee
Exterior Width 72.3 " exterior body width
Exterior Height 69.4 " exterior height
Wheelbase 106 " wheelbase
Front Tread 60 " front tread
Rear Tread 60 " rear tread
Turning Radius 18.7 ’ turning radius
Front Gross Axle Weight Rating 2,500 lbs. front GAWR
Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating 2,950 lbs. rear GAWR
Payload 1,100 lbs. payload
Max Trailer Weight 5,000 lbs. towing capacity
Drag Coefficient .45 drag coefficient
Front Legroom 41.4 " front legroom
Rear Legroom 35.3 " rear legroom
Front Headroom 39.7 " front headroom
Rear Headroom 39.5 " rear headroom
Front Hiproom 56.5 " front hiproom
Rear Hiproom 52.4 " rear hiproom
Front Shoulder Room 58.9 " front shoulder room
Rear Shoulder Room 57.8 " rear shoulder room
Passenger Volume 100 cu.ft. passenger volume
Interior Cargo Volume 39.0 cu.ft. interior cargo volume
Interior Cargo Volume w/Seats Folded 72.3 cu.ft. interior cargo volume w/seats folded

06 and newer which is what we are to compare RAV 4

Seating capacity - Standard 5
Seating Capacity - Maximum 5
Headroom front (in) 40.8
Headroom rear (in) 39.7
Hip room front (in) 53.8
Hip room rear (in) 52.4
Leg room front (in) 41.8
Leg room rear (in) 38.3
Shoulder room front (in) 57.1
Shoulder room rear (in) 55.3
Heating, Ventilation &
73 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded down, 36.4 cubic feet behind the second row, or 12.3 cubic feet with all three rows in use