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Wiring Specifications for EVTM modules on 91 Ford Taurus 3.8L

Could someone provide me with or tell me how to obtain the wiring diagram (specifications page?) for the EVTM modules (Electrical Vacuum Transmission Module? - I’m guessing here) on a 1991 Ford Taurus (3.8L engine)? There is so much I do not know about automatic tranmissions. For eight years I have been coping (driving poorly) without second or overdrive gears because I thought I had internal transmission problems. When I finally took the car to a Ford dealership for diagnosis on another problem, the mechanic told me that the electronic modules (solenoids?)were burned out. He would replace them, except he can no longer obtain the specifications from Ford or in the dealership’s archives. My Haynes manual only hints that there might be solenoids Does anyone have a source? If you do, please reply and we can make arrangements to send them (email, fax, surface mail). Thank you.

You’re going at this the wrong way.

You need to find out if there are codes stored for the transmission control system. If there are solenoids burnt out then there should be some diagnostic trouble codes stored. Once you get the codes you can get a better understanding of how to proceed.

To answer the request for diagrams only,what has been your plan to locate a FSM for your car?

Help. I am in over my head. My question was based upon a paraphrase of the mechanic’s advice. What is an FSM? Ford Service Manual? If so, who has those. (I hope this is not a set-up for a Ford joke.)

FSM= Factory Service Manual. When an mechanic gives you a report such as you relate put it in a file labeled “needs veification” I know when the Public gets told to them a bit of information about their car and it comes from a Dealer source they tend to believe it without question,be skeptical.

Google “Factory Service Manual” you will find many sources.

EVTM is an abbreviation for Fords Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual.

These are easily available for $5 - $10, you’ll find them for sale on EBay and plenty of specialist auto book stores. That manual will I believe have the information you need.

The solenoids are also freely available so I have no idea what your dealer mechanic is talking about, though I suspect it’s possibly garbage.

Perhaps he had an EVTM malfunction…

You have an 18 year old Taurus that you’ve been coping with (no second or OD) for 8 years and now you’re wanting to do something with it?

Helm Inc. publishes electrical/vacuum troubleshooting manuals for Fords and considering the car’s age, 8 years of coaxing it along, etc. my feeling is that the transmission is probably not worth messing with.

Also take the advice about burned out solenoids with a grain of salt. Those solenoids are controlled by the ECM and unless a proper diagnosis was done that diagnosis you were given is probably a wild guess.