Vacuum tubes

I have 1995 Ford Taurus GL, 3.8 V6.

I am trying to see where (elastic) hoses connect. I found a peace (about 1 foot) of (rubber?) hose at the bottom of the car. There are two spouts that are not connected (but there are possibly 2 more I cannot find). One spout is on a rigid metal thin pipe going out of engine. When I closed it with tape the car seems to pull a tad better. The other spout is on a hanging pipe underneath the car and somebody told me that has to do with gas… My first thought was to connect the two (and I bought about 1 yard long tube for that purpose). But I suspect that in fact there are two more spouts for total of 2 tubes to connect. The car does not pull well and jerks when it goes from low gear to higher. Sometime I smell raw gasoline and my gasoline usage has deteriorated. I tried to find a schematic picture/drawing of the car parts without success – the books I checked out give approximate, not exact recounting. When I took the car to the mechanic, he looked for some time and said he was not sure and said if he only had another car exactly like mine he would able to tell me where to connect things. Gee, me too! This is a no brainer, PROVIDED I find out which spouts are to be connected. Frustrating! Any help?

There should be a diagram of the vacuum routing under the hood.

If the vacuum diagram under the hood doesn’t help or if the years have not been kind to it, your library may well have Hayes/Chilton manuals for the Taurus that should include vacuum diagrams and possibly photos or other diagrams that will help. Be warned that I have owned at least one car whose vacuum/emissions layout did not completely match the diagram under the hood or in the manuals.

Here is the link to the Autozone repair guide vacuum diagrams for the Taurus.;jsessionid=AF68CF5E2B6DAA5BE673D2686399B9D6.diyprod2-b2c4?chapterTitle=Vacuum+Diagrams&partName=Driveability+%26+Emissions+Controls&pageId=0900c152800635fb&partId=0900c1528006312a

If the link doesn’t work, the diagrams are in the Taurus repair guide under Driveability/Emissions, Vacuum Diagrams.

Ed B.

Indeed, there is a diagram. Very schematic and abstract with coding and acronyms. It is useful, if one knows where all these are located under the hood, but I do not.

Yes, I’ve had the Haynes and am trying to see whether anything useful can be extracted from their jumbled diagrams…

Thank you. The autozone database of manuals is hopefully useful. I’ve looked into their vacuum diagrams. They go up to 1992 and are schematic for 3.8l engine. One diagram for 1992 is exactly the same as I have under the hood. However this again assumes that the user already knows where the connecting spouts are, re their acronyms: EGR, CANP, PCV, TREST, EVR, FPRC, etc. and I do not.
On the other hand, for some reason some of the 3.0 engines have 3-dimensional diagrams which should be more useful for they actually show where hoses are going. So perhaps by studying those I may be able to figure it out… Stay tuned.

It may be worth paying a mechanic for this, you want to get it right. Vacuum hoses can form a very confusing maze.

p.s.-your post title made me think someone was wanting to put an old Dynaco in a car…