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Wiring harness for 2002 Cadillac Sedan Deville

I have an ABS and Traction Control light that keep coming on and staying on. My mechanic who has been wonderful about keeping this car going tells me that I need a wiring harness replaced. He says he doesn’t think we can find one and that the cost of purchase and replacement would be exorbitant. Plus I get the idea it would be a pain. I really like my car. It has 87000 miles and gets 24 miles to the gallon. It runs well except for this problem. Does anybody out there have an idea where I get could a wiring harness and the projected cost of purchase and replacement? I live in Central Illinois.

What makes your mechanic think you need a wiring harness? What else has he tried to fix the ABS and TRAC light?

We have been dealing with this for months now. When the lights first came on our mechanic cleaned the area and sealed it–it stayed good for several months and now the lights have come on again so the connection is broken. He says the area is very corroded and although he fixed it for awhile it is now bad again. He has hooked it up to the computer and it all seems to indicate the problem is there. I am willing and I’m sure he is too to listen to other possible explanations. I think he put in a new sensor somewhere along the line but I’d have to ask him for sure. As I said he’s been great about helping me try to keep the car going. He works reasonably and with an eye to economy and always with a smile.

Sounds like he’s a keeper. Corroded electrical connectors are a nightmare. He may be right about the wiring harness. I don’t know how much of the harness would have to be replaced just to get this connector. Has your mechanic checked with the parts department at the Caddy dealer? Maybe the section of wiring harness you need isn’t as expensive as you think. Certainly less than a new car.

This is a shame for a such a low-mileage car.

Have you considered living without functional ABS and TRAC? It’s an inexpensive option.

Thanks for your comments, although the part about corroded electrical connectors being a nightmare confirmed my worst fears! I think I’ll call the local Caddy dealer and see what he says or take it in for an evaluation. I am getting rather stubborn about trying to fix it and don’t want to give it up as a lost cause. I’m concerned this is the tip of the iceberg and if one electrical area goes bad it all could? How likely do you think that is? I also am concerned that not fixing it ruins any and all trade in value. I am in rather a pickle about it.

Take a look at There are some harnesses and connectors available. There are many different harnesses used depending on which area you are talking about. I would think though, just replacing the connectors would make more sense than attempting the whole harness.

Thanks for your suggestions and I will keep pursuing the issue. I appreciate your suggestion that I just live without functional ABS and TRAC. Actually that is what I am doing now since I continue to drive the car daily. That light pinging on and scaring me just doesn’t feel too comfortable. I guess that’s why they put them in there because it drives you nuts until they shut off. I will look at and see what I can find. I would like my mechanic to fix it, if he will, because I trust him to do it right. I will ask him if he has tried fixing just the connector–he may have already done that. Again, my thanks for your help. I’ll post again if I get close to a solution.