2013 Toyota Corolla - intermittent ABS/tracking light

2013 Toyota Corolla manual. ABS and tracking lights on intermittently: When starting car, either they stay on, or stay off until next time I start the car. Dealer says it is a short somewhere in the ABS actuator assembly- a black box that will cost me $3000 to replace, even after a $500 “good will” gift from Corporate Customer Service. The original part in my car has been “upgraded” to a different part (number is different for replacement part) - can’t get any info on whether the original assembly part was faulty.

Does this mean you’ve replaced it already? Do you have a question? It is unclear whether you have had this repair done or not.

I think I could live without the ABS for 3K.

On my 2005 Lexus these lights started doing this dance, and it turned out to be an early warning that my battery was about to die. I had no idea about it, but then the battery did die, and after I got it replaced those lights never went on again. I Googled it and several answers pointed to a failing battery.

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Not seeing any ABS related tsbs. While I expect your shop’s diagnosis is probably correct, other common things that could cause this sort of thing are the brake control module, acc/decal sensor, steering angle sensor, traction control switch, wheel speed sensor, & yaw sensor. If the dealer guarantees the $2500 fix will completely resolve the problem, I’d say go for it.

No, have not replaced the part. But a couple of weird and wonderful things have happened since my original post.

  1. The price of the replacement part was dropped by about 1.5K as of Jan 1. Really glad I’ve been spending time researching instead of getting the work done in December!

  2. For some miraculous reason that I don’t understand, since I’ve done all of my brake fluid changes on time at the dealer, and the service manager lobbied for me, Valvoline is going to cover the cost of the replacement! I had no idea that was a possible avenue, happened because of the service manager’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Toyota corporate customer service has been much, much less helpful. I do think the combination of talking with both corporate and the service manager helped the end result though.


Thanks for the suggestion. I just had the battery replaced last month, and the problem persisted, but I appreciate your comment.

Any explanation why? Is Valvoline aware of a problem with its brake fluid product, or compatibility problem between it and the Corolla ABS system?

Apparently the contract between Valvoline and Toyota is so large that the ABS assembly is a part covered by Valvoline. This apparently is because the Service Manager at Boulder Toyota could document that all of my oil and lube maintenance had been done on time and on site. Without the Service Manager’s knowledge (and my continued phone calls), this would not have happened. Toyota Corporate did not mention it at all - I don’t think any of the corporate customer service reps were aware, nor were any of the other shops that I took the car to for quotes. Got the part replaced yesterday, no cost. Whew!

The brake system warranty is part of a maintenance program, “service packages” through Valvoline and your dealers service department, Toyota corporation is not involved and would prefer that dealers use Toyota supplies and fluids.

“Valvoline Professional Series Brake Fluid Service is backed by a Valvoline Lifetime Guarantee with up to $4,000 parts and labor coverage.”


Thank you Nevada_545 for the info.

Sounds like the service dept at the dealership I go to backs their Toyotas more strongly than Corporate.

Replacing the ABS actuator assembly fixed it?

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