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Wiring for a trailer

Hi! I want to wire a small trailer to my 1997 RAV4 electrical system.

Where can I make the connections?

Thanks! Bernie

In the back where the trailer hooks up. Sorry but I couldn’t help myself.

Go to a auto parts store and find out if there is a adapter that will just plug into the wiring harness. I believe the brand name of these adapters is HOPPY.

First check-out if there is a factory harness that you can add to the existing harness.

Then see if there is a aftermarket harness offered.

Bernie, It Looks Like A Plug-In Is Available For Your 97 Rav4 !
That would be the easiest, best way to go.
Click on this link:

Thanks! I was going to push the trailer. But you were right about the HOPPY plug-in
wiring kit which is available for the RAV4. Bernie