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Trailer wiring harness

How do I install a trailer wiring harness? I don’t know where on my jeep I connect to and the parts store guy said he did not see the connection point either. It did have wiring…seemingly disappeared after being painted!! I drive a 1991 Laredo, 6cyl., 4WD. Thank you ever so much for your time!!! Ruby

First…you need to make sure you have the proper wiring harness kit. Most Jeeps need a converter to operate the trailer lights correctly. Any vehicle that has an independent bulb system must have a converter to ?convert? the independent system to a common system which is required on a trailer. A converter enables vehicles with independent brake lights and turn signals to provide proper lighting to the trailer.

You will also need the right wiring diagram to connect the trailer harness properly. Most wiring harness kits come with the proper color coded diagram to help you out. In addition, you may need someone that is knowledgeable of vehicle wiring to help you with this project. It’s very easy to cause more harm than good if you just start splicing and dicing vehicle wiring.

Thank you for taking the time to comment! I will have a professional install the kit. It is good to know about the converter, as the parts store gives the option of a 4-wire flat for $18 or a kit with a power converter for $30!! Any more insight is VERY welcome!!