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Adaptor for German cable to American trailer hitch

I am currently stationed in Germany. Before leaving the US Nissan Rogue SV 2018. Last November, I purchased a trailer hitch assembly because I wanted to buy a trailer to haul stuff. I brought the parts to a german auto shop and they are having trouble finding how to connect the eletricial cable from a German trailer to the electrical connection I have on my American trailer hitch assembly. Apparently the Germans have more wires to cover blinkers, brake lights…etc. Is there an adapter out there somewhere that I can get to get these two cable work together?

Rather than look for an adapter, I’d buy a new connector, cut off the old one, and install the new one.

The new adapter should come with directions that explain what each color wire does, and if it doesn’t, someone on the base should be knowledgeable enough to help you connect the new one.

Another alternative is to get a circuit tester light and use it to figure out what each wire coming out of the car does. One like this should only cost you $3-5.


If you get one of these that has an LED bulb, you might never need to replace it.

If you have to, you could also experiment as you connect the wires, but be sure you don’t experiment with the ground wire. All the others can be swapped around until you have the trailer lights working as they should. Once you’re all done figuring out how they’re connected, you can then use crimped connections to hold them in place. has what you need for $11.95. I tried posting a link but it didn’t work.

They have a 7pin to 4/5 pin connector that should work for a German trailer.

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