1986 toyota PU trk. California smog, carburated 22r engine. What is the numbering for the 13pin conn. to the emissions control computer unit? What is the color code and pin out for the wire connections? Haynes is wrong, Chiltons does not give it, my 1985 factory manual does not match. the numbering of the conn. is not marked on the conn body, either male or female, or on the pc card inside. help.


Are you trying to pass a smog test or what?? 1986, these are The Dark Years, feedback carburetors, air pumps, pure junk…I would sell the truck if I lived in a test area or completely de-smog it if testing was not an issue…


On the ECC the pins are numbered on the top row from left to right, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. On the bottom row from left to right, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1.

Pin# Application

1 Ground
2 Coolant Thermal Switch
3 Speed Sensor Instrument Cluster
4 Charging System Fuse
5 Cold Mixture Heater Relay
6 Ignition Fuse
7 Not Used
8 Not Used
9 Distributor Ignitor
10 Not Used
11 Vacuum Switch
12 EVAP Purge Solenoid
13 Fuel Cutoff Solenoid



alldata.com might be your best source for pinout charts. To find out, go to your public library and ask if they have a library subscription to www.alldata.com. Once on that Web site, in the section for your car, go to “connector view” for the pin numbers and a diagram.


actually my friend, i also have a85 and it is the best truck I ever had, gets 28mpg and still passes the cal smog with flying colors. What i am up to now is converting an 83 over to 86 because i got it for 300 bucks with a swapped out engine that the previous owner could not get to run without the smog stuff. plus i am not wanting to pollute any more than need be. so now i do not agree they are junk, and this engine will also run for ever, the 22r is a great little engine. by the by, no smog pump on the 85-86.


thank you Tester for this reply, it gives me most of what I need to know, is there any change for the 9pin conn. I need to know about to get this all set up? I guess I can figure out the color code any way I want to as long as i use the sensor wires in the harness.